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The Faster, Easier, Better Show

Jan 17, 2022

In this episode, Lee and Ellen discuss how to communicate efficiently by never assuming anything. Together they look at:

• Why you should never assume what you said made sense

• The importance of summing up conversations so that everyone is on the same page

• How your brain fills in blanks for you, but not the...

Jan 10, 2022

In this episode, Lee and Ellen the efficiency of being healthy. Together they look at:

• The inefficiency of illness

• The guiding principle that makes it easier to stay healthy

• The basic things we all should be doing to stay healthy right now and in the future

• Why it's ok to be selfish when it comes to...

Jan 3, 2022

Lee and Ellen greet the New Year by discussing how to set up goals for 2022 with ideas on how to successfully achieve them. Together they look at:

• How to think out, plan, and state your goals in a way that sets you up for success

• The downfalls of setting SMART goals -- and how to change SMART so it works for...

Dec 27, 2021

It's time to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022. In this episode, Lee and Ellen discuss the three things you need to get rid of in 2022. Together they discuss:

• How trying to make everything perfect causes you to miss what's happening in the here and now

• Why caring what other people think of you ends up costing...

Dec 20, 2021

In this episode, Lee and Ellen look at the importance of effective communication. Together they look at:

• Why we should change how we introduce ourselves

• The importance of asking for what you want

• Why "no" is such a timesaver

• How to communicate better through emails

• What to ask people so you can be...