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The Faster, Easier, Better Show

Aug 28, 2017

In this episode, Ellen and Lee discuss why delegating is such a great Productivity tool and look at different ways that everyone can delegate the things they are don't want to do (or aren't good at.)

Music: "When I'm Gone" written and performed by Lee Silber and Wayne Duncan

Aug 21, 2017

Lee and Ellen are back together in the studio and share some interesting insights into how working with your daily energy ebbs and flows can increase your productivity.  |

Music: "When I'm Gone" Written and performed by Lee Silber & Wayne Duncan

Aug 14, 2017

In this episode: While Lee is out of town at a speaking engagement, Ellen shares with you one of the hidden secrets of productivity: not everything works for everyone, and that's ok. Ellen looks at different ways you can handle finding what productivity tools work best for you and why it's good to know your best way to...

Aug 7, 2017

With Ellen out at a ballgame, Lee gets to share his counter-intuitive process for getting things done faster -- Slowing Down.

Lee shares his processes to get more done when he slows down and tells how it helps him to me more present and more productive.