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The Faster, Easier, Better Show

Jul 4, 2022

Episode 1 of a special 3-part series

In this episode, Ellen talks with the ADHD Big Brother, Russ Jones. Russ has channeled his diagnosis into his podcast "ADHD Big Brother" where he shares how to make ADHD work for you when it comes to gettting things done.

In this first interview, Russ shares ways he uses to get started (one of the most difficult things for those with ADHD).

Together he and Ellen look at:

• The power of externalization of time, planning and accountability and their ability to motivate to get things done

• The one thing you have to do to make sure you don't get lost

• A secret way you can get motivated when you just aren't feeling it. At. All.

• A sneak peek into Russ' plan for achieving goals, when ADHD tries to get in the way. (Which we go into in depth in the Part 2 of this series.)

Russ' podcast, ADHD Big Brother helps listeners with their adult ADHD symptoms through education, laughter, and practical solutions. Russ Jones, your ADHD coach and ADHDer himself, blends comedy and examples from his own life with ADHD to give listeners a simplified understanding of their ADHD symptoms, and fresh, easy to apply perspectives and advice. Learn more at

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