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The Faster, Easier, Better Show

Aug 8, 2022

In this episode, Lee and Ellen look at Small Ways You Can Save Yourself. Together they look at:

• The thing that was stressing Ellen out and the simple way she was able to conquer that stress (and it may have involved rice.)

• The importance of tuning out and tuning in to small moments that energize you.

• The power of 10-minutes of meditation. (Two apps to check out: Calm and Insight Timer. We have no affiliation to either, but Ellen loves them.

• How remembering 3 things each day can make a big difference, and what Lee does to make this happen.

• Physical things you can do that have a huge impact on your mental state.

• The one thing you need to do every day to lower your stress (and it's so easy!!)

Edited at Studio D, Wayne Duncan producer

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