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The Faster, Easier, Better Show

Dec 19, 2022

In this fourth episode of our seven-part series on  "The 7 Unconventional Habits of Highly Efficient People," Lee and Ellen look at the unconventional habit of Being Self-aware. Together they discuss:

•The power of working with your own tendencies

• Know what you prefer to do (and ignore everyone else)

• You don't have to fit the norms of others (and probably shouldn't)

• What happen to habits when you worth with your natural tendencies (and why its sooooo good)

• Why being the same as everyone is overrated

This series is based on an infographic we are currently sending out. Do you want your own copy? We'd love to send one to you. Let us know if you want a hard-copy, a postcard version, or a PDF.

Request your copy here or here.

Edited at Studio D, Wayne Duncan producer.

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