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The Faster, Easier, Better Show

Aug 3, 2020

In just our second interview, Lee and Ellen sit down and talk with Jon Menaster of the Read Learn Live Podcast. In this longer than usual episode we talk about:

• reading (and not watching television)

• using technology to be more efficient, including:
   - obsessive calendar use (Google Calendar)
   - the Todoist app for digital to-do lists (
   - Joplin. An opensource, digital notebook (
   - Garage Band for editing podcasts or other recordings  (
   - Pocket app - keep articles to read on the go (

• Devising ways to keep yourself accountable to what you want to change or add to your life

• How to eliminate inefficiencies in your life
   - start with a plan
   - have a playbook
   - taking a step back to see what works and doesn't work
   - making sure there is strong communication
   - the importance of iteration when trying new things

Jon Menaster is the host of the Read Learn Live podcast.

Jon can be reached at

This show was edited and produced by Studio D, Wayne Duncan producer

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