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The Faster, Easier, Better Show

Jul 11, 2022

The second of three interviews with ADHD Big Brother, Russ Jones.

In this episode, Ellen and her guest, Russ, discuss what has to happen in order for ADHD goal setting to work. Together they discuss:

• How annoying it is to hear "just do it"

• The simple way to get started (and it's super simple!)

• How a nudge can help you get things done

• Why you need to remember that "it's not hard!"

• Russ' book "Descending to the Top" - the easy way to get it and why you need it!

• What the "Nudge Program" is (and honestly, we could all use a nudge once in a while.)

Edited at Studio D, Wayne Duncan producer

Find Russ Jones on his website: or check out his podcast, ADHD Big Brother

Your co-hosts: and

Russ' book: Descending to The Top. Check it out here